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What is Altus Investment Group?

Altus Investment Group is a private equity real estate firm that specializes in creating passive income opportunities for the busy investors through value-add multifamily, “turn-key” residential rental properties and alternative investments. We help our investors and clients develop wealth through planning strategies that provide passive income, long-term growth, value appreciation, and portfolio diversification.

Do I have any management responsibilities for the Investment?

No, you are a passive investor, which means you get all the benefits of real estate (cashflow, tax deductions, appreciation, etc) with none of the headaches. We safeguard your time so you spend it on what you love and do best.

Who can invest in real estate?

For our Residential rental properties, you must be 18 or older. Since you are the direct owner you can be non-accredited and there are no income or status restrictions. For our Multifamily investments you must be 18 or older and be an accredited or sophisticated investor. For more information visit www.sec.gov

How often will I receive payments?

For Residential rental properties you will receive a monthly ACH direct deposit into your bank account by the 7th of each month.

For Multifamily investments you will receive quarterly distributions, as long as there are profits for disbursement.

How will I receive my payments?

No, you are a passive investor, which means you get all the benefits of real estate (cashflow, tax deductions, appreciation, etc) with none of the headaches. We saveguard your time so you spend it on what you love and do best.

Is there a minimum investment amount?

Yes, for Residential rental investments as little as a $25,000 down payment can get you 100% ownership of a property. The investment amount will vary from deal to deal. Yes, for Multifamily investments there is also a minimum that varies from project to project. Typically, the minimum investment is $50,000.

Is there a maximum investment amount for one deal?

No, you can invest as much capital as you would like into an investment.

What kind of tax benefits do I receive?

For your multifamily investment you will own shares in the Limited Partnership entity and you will receive the proportionate amount of tax benefits that are passed along to you in a year-end tax document called a Schedule K-1. The tax benefits may include depreciation, cost segregation bonus depreciations, interest deductions

For the residential rental properties, you will have 100% ownership and will receive a Schedule E form our property management that outlines all the income and expenses on your investment.

**Please consult a licensed accountant to help you with your specific needs**

Do your residents benefit?

Yes, we believe in treating our residents with respect but holding them accountable. Protecting your investment and hard earned money is our highest priority, but we treat our residents as partners as well. We try to create safe, thriving communities where residents will not only stay, but also refer their friends and relatives.

Will I Receive Updates?

Yes, you can expect to receive monthly updates about the property, its financial condition, and other matters. We will provide updates via email. We will also do quarterly calls for each property and are available for any questions or concerns you may have.

How much control will I have over the investment?

For the Multifamily passive investments you will not have a right to vote on decisions or manage the investment, except on very limited situations. The Manager will make all decisions, including investment decisions. As a passive investor you will have the right to remove the Manager only in very limited circumstances.

For Residential rental properties you are the 100% owner and can choose to manage it how you please. We take special care of our clients using our in house property management, but if you would like to select your own managers and contractors that is your decision.

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